Client Care Specialist Michelle Michael with her dog

Michelle Michael

Client Care Specialist

Client Care Specialist, Michelle Michael has always wanted to be an advocate for all animals, to be able to give a voice to those who cannot speak. “I believe it is our duty to provide our pets with the best care possible. Animals are a big part of human lives and it is my sincere wish that we can treat them with the respect they deserve,” she explains.

As a vet student, Michelle was intrigued by the idea of emergency medicine, and since joining our team she has no doubt emergency care is where she belongs. “The cases we see are always interesting and ever-changing. I also love being able to support our clients by providing them with the sense of security that there is always a place to go for help even after hours,” she says.

Michelle describes working at Perth Vet Emergency as being like working with your close family and friends. There are always opportunities to grow and develop your knowledge and skills, and the camaraderie makes it a joy to go to work every day. The entire team wish is to see every patient walk out of the hospital happy and health explains Michelle when talking about the passion the team has, “Every single person that works at PVE are super passionate about delivering the highest standard of care not only to the patients but also to their families.”

For Michelle, the most memorable cases are the ones where a patient has been in hospital for many days and being able to see them steadily improve each day before she can send them home to their families with a smile.

Another case Michelle won’t be forgetting anytime soon, was when she had to juggle holding and walking six dogs who came in for chocolate ingestion and being tangled up with their leashes!

Michelle loves to travel when she can. Whether it be a new country, city or town, experiencing the life and culture of another place is something that she enjoys immensely.