Pet Blood Donation

Our pet blood donation program

Could your dog save the lives of other dogs?

In our hospital, we always have blood on hand to provide this life-saving treatment for our patients, because sometimes it can mean the difference between life and death. Blood transfusions can be a crucial treatment in saving a life threatened by illness, trauma, surgery or poisoning incidents.

Unfortunately, blood has a short lifespan, only being able to be stored for 28 days. Because of this, regular donations from our generous canine blood donors are not only very much welcomed, but also very much needed.

PVE Blood Donor Program
Harley, a canine blood donor

The process of pet blood donations

Our process for our canine companions to donate blood is simple. The process starts with a health check and blood test by our blood donor team to ensure your pooch is fit and healthy to donate.

Your time in the hospital will be no longer than an hour, with the actual donation only taking 5-10 minutes with just a small patch of fur needing to be clipped. You will be there with your pooch through the entire donation to provide encouragement and support.

After the collection, a bandage will be placed over the collection site before being given a big cuddle and some treats. We also advise our donors to avoid any strenuous exercise for the next 24 hours.

Becoming a pet blood donor

Did you know, just like us our dogs have blood types too? But no matter their blood type, all donations can help save a life. The requirements for our canine friends to donate are quite simple.

Canine blood donor requirements

Could your pooch have what it takes to be a blood donor? If your pooch meets the following canine blood donor requirements, please consider them joining our program:

  • A healthy, large breed dog over 25kg
  • Between 1-8 years of age
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and worming
  • Isn’t currently receiving medications
  • Doesn’t have any chronic medical conditions
  • Have a calm, trusting temperament
  • Be capable of lying calmly for 5-10 minutes with their owner present while the donation is performed
Theon, a canine blood donor
Moose, a canine blood donor

Thanking our pet blood donors

In return for their life-saving donation, our blood donors receive:

  • A yearly full blood analysis
  • Blood typing
  • A bag of food with each donation
  • Lots of praise, cuddles, and treats
  • You will also receive a text and a card when your pet’s blood donation has been used to save a life

Interested? Register your dog today

If you think your pup is capable of being a blood donor and saving the lives of other pups in need, please fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.