Perth Vet Emergency Kirsty Hoey with cat

Kirsty Hoey

Office Administration

For as long as Kirsty Hoey can remember she has always wanted to worth with or alongside those that help animals. Seeing the joy in the faces of owners and the faces of their pets when they go home from hospital brings a joy she just can’t describe.

The most memorable patient Kirsty has seen at Perth Vet Emergency was Molly an overweight Pug who was a victim of a vicious dog attack. Unfortunately, it was such a severe attack that it left her needing one of her legs amputated. Molly was adopted by one of our vets who nursed her back to health and is now a valued member of our Perth Vet Emergency family. Kirsty says the team is now supporting Molly in her weight loss journey.

For anyone who is wanting to work at Perth Vet Emergency, Kirsty says to go for it! “Our team is the most supportive, caring and kind bunch of people I have ever met. I left my previous job for Perth Vet Emergency and I do not regret it”, she says.

When Kirsty Hoey isn’t working you can find her and her pup Lilly at one of their local dog beaches, and playing with her children Ryan and Hannah.