Perth Vet Emergency veterinarian Dr Kim Binnie holding a puppy

Dr Kim Binnie

BSc, BVMS (Hons), MANZCVS (Emergency & Critical Care)
Senior Veterinarian

Dr Kim Binnie was driven to specialise in emergency medicine because of the challenges and excitement it offers. Kim loves the thrill of making the right decision to save a patient’s life. She finds the adrenaline that arises when faced with a trauma patient is helpful when faced with a decision in a hurry!

Kim says working in the vet industry is hard work, but the rewards it delivers make it more than worthwhile. How committed and caring the Team at Perth Vet Emergency is really stands out to Kim. She also loves working with us for the many opportunities that are available to her career-wise and the fun they have with team activities.

For any vet or vet nurse student interested in emergency medicine, Kim says go for it. There is always something new to see and making a difference and helping a beloved pet when they need it the most is so rewarding.

For Dr Kim Binnie the most entertaining thing about her job is uncovering all the kinds of things dogs somehow manage to swallow!

Kim has an active personal life outside work. She enjoys all things great outdoors from camping and exploring to scuba diving and relaxing at the beach.