Mitchell the Mini Bull Terrier’s Battle for Life

Estimated Reading Time: 1 min | Last Updated: March 5th, 2019

One afternoon, Mitchell the Miniature Bull Terrier was relaxing in the yard when he suddenly collapsed and had a seizure. Although he has had seizures before, his attentive owner realized something wasn’t right with her beloved pooch so rushed him to the local vet for advice. Thanks to the quick response of his owner, Mitchell reached the vet just as his breathing began to rapidly decline. Realising the poorly pooch was in trouble, the primary care vet administered oxygen therapy before transporting Mitchell to PVE for emergency treatment.

By the time he arrived at the hospital, Mitchell was experiencing severe breathing difficulties. A blood test and ultrasound were conducted but it was the digital radiograph that revealed the cause. Mitchell was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia and had a large volume of pus building up in his chest due to the infection. As a result, Mitchell could barely breathe on his own. He required oxygen supplementation and was stabilized with mechanical ventilation (life support) until his lungs could start to heal.

It was a long 10 DAYS for Mitchell and his loving family, with the poorly pup requiring 24-hour monitoring, oxygen therapy and intensive care. He even spent Christmas and Boxing Day under the constant care of our dedicated team.

Thankfully, we are thrilled to report that this little fighter pulled through and was finally well enough to return home to his relieved family, where he required intermittent oxygen therapy at home for many days..  Whilst this is only the start of his long road to recovery, with a lengthy course of antibiotics, constant home monitoring and lots of rest and TLC from his wonderful family, this brave boy is on the right track to a full recovery.


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