Susan Barr

​Cert Early Childhood, Dip Social Work, Cert IV Animal Science, Cert IV Vet Nursing, Dip Vet Nursing
Client Care Manager

Many years ago, Sue was sitting in the waiting area of her regular vet with her Airedale Terrier and the receptionist inadvertently left the adjoining door to the clinic open. Sue got a sneak peek of the activity in the hospital, it was love at first sight!

Sue has been in the veterinary industry now for twenty three years having managed six hospitals, lectured veterinary nurse students and at one stage she was a partner in general practice.

Having been a pretty decent clinic and surgical nurse in her time, Sue has always loved customer service, “Thanks to Sue Crampton who is a very special lady in our industry”

“I work with an exceptional group of people that strive to achieve high standards. It is a respectful and often humorous environment to be in.”

Her spare time is taken up with art, gardening, reading, woodwork, cooking and family.

Sue is a “grandma” to a chocolate Labrador who was delivered by C Section when she was on duty in her practice. The Veterinary Nurse team assisted in reviving the puppies, “Vet nurses do some amazing things don’t they?’