Perth Vet Emergency Clinical Manager Dr Stephanie Pattison with a dog

Dr Stephanie Pattison

BSc, BVMS, MANZCVS (Emergency & Critical Care)
Clinical Manager

For Dr Stephanie Pattison she just couldn’t resist the pull of emergency medicine. “It draws you in, even if you didn’t think that it was the right place for you when you started. It’s the combination of so many aspects of veterinary medicine, and has the thrill of the unknown in every shift”, she explains.

As well as the challenging cases not to mention the variety of cases, Dr Stephanie finds emergency medicine extremely rewarding. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a beloved pet come in seriously ill then seeing them recover and go home to their families. One patient that holds a special place in her heart is a Chocolate Labrador who came into the hospital bradycardic (nearly arresting) after a snake bite. Only a few hours later, after being resuscitated and receiving anti-venom, he was on his feet and eating happily. “This is exactly why emergency can be so meaningful, and why it is so important that we are here to help”, Dr Stephanie says.

Dr Stephanie loves working alongside the Perth Vet Emergency team. She says, by making teamwork the heart of how each patient is treated, as well as a thirst for knowledge the team provides the best standard of care. “We combine our strengths and work together so that each patient gets the best from all of the people that work together on the floor. We strive to be better all the time, by sharing experiences and making constructive use of feedback and by actively improving our knowledge base all the time with continuing education. But more importantly, we love what we do and we do it together”, she explains.