Perth Vet Emergency veterinarian Dr Stephanie Morgan with a dog

Dr Stephanie Morgan


For Dr Stephanie Morgan her love of animals started at a young age with the multitude of pet guinea pigs she had as a child. Stephanie says she loved accompanying her guinea pigs for their vet visits and watching the vets do their examinations. It’s no surprise to anyone becoming a veterinarian was perfect for her. It combined her love of animals as well as her fascination with medicine.

Stephanie moved into the emergency veterinary medicine field after a family member went into cardiac arrest and she had to perform CPR. Thankfully, her relative recovered but it made Stephanie realise this was the kind of work she wanted to do. “Since then I have always been drawn to emergency medicine and the miracles that you can achieve”, she explains.

For any vet student who is aspiring to work in emergency medicine, Stephanie says to do it! “Take the leap into emergency! The different cases you get to see, the support you have, and amazing learning opportunities have really inspired me”, she says. Stephanie also says working with the Perth Vet Emergency Team is an amazing experience.

A little-known fact about Dr Stephanie Morgan, she is a big gym junkie! If you can’t find her in the hospital you’ll most likely find her sweating up a storm lifting weights.