Perth Vet Emergency Client Experience/Relationships Manager Louisa Mahoney

Louisa Mahoney

Business Development Manager

Growing up on a sheep and cattle farm in Western Victoria set Louisa Mahoney up for a love of animals and all things nature. After embarking on a career in customer service and retail management, she was looking for a change. Louisa soon found what she was looking for as the Client Relationships/Experience Manager with us. It was the perfect combination of her customer service skills and her love of animals!

Louisa loves her work at Perth Vet Emergency. She says she is constantly inspired by the Perth Vet Emergency Team’s passion and dedication, providing such a crucial service as 24-hour emergency care. For Louisa, the case that exemplifies all these amazing qualities was a young Doberman who required a leg amputation. It was a case involving our veterinarians, veterinary nurses, client care team, and the patient’s own family vet working together. Louisa says seeing everyone come together and work cohesively for the best outcome was a proud moment.

Louisa says the Perth Vet Emergency Team strives for the best possible patient care, treating all its patients as though they were their own pets. The team takes ownership to check in and ensure everything is done for their health and comfort.

Outside of being Louisa Mahoney Client Relationships/Experience Manager, time in nature is one of Louisa’s loves. You’ll often find her out bushwalking and exploring the beach with her kids.