Liana Tay


Despite her demands, Liana’s parents only allowed her a goldfish as a child. Nevertheless she always preferred animals over humans and a career helping animals was written in the stars. Liana started her career as a GP vet, but was soon attracted to emergency medicine for the challenge and change of pace it promised.

As a new graduate, Liana spent time volunteering with livestock and pets overseas in a community with limited resources. She thrived on the sense of community with the other locals and volunteers, and was awed by the sense of ingenuity required in such an environment. She never looked back, and still relishes any opportunity to travel and volunteer.

Of working at PVE, Liana loves the genuine care provided by the vets and nurses for every aspect of a patient’s stay… that, and the copious amounts of cheesecake and training 😉

On her days off you’ll find Liana cuddling up to other people’s dogs at dog beaches, and unsuccessfully teaching her cat to skateboard.