Jocelyn Selwood Perth Emergency Veterniary

Jocelyn Selwood

Veterinary Nurse

Jocelyn Selwood has always envisioned herself working in a career involving animals. She started working a cattery part time during my early teenage years and from then really couldn’t imagine ever working a routine 9-5 office job. She especially loves the moment when our patients are reunited with their family after a long hospital stay. It is so heartwarming. Her favourite part about working at PVE is the supportive team mentality – she loves that everyone always sees the positive, which is incredibly infectious. In her spare time she enjoys taekwondo and watercolour painting.

She shares her home with Barry the 8 year old bunny who has recently started on banana flavoured medication for his arthritis which he licks happily off the syringe. He knows he’ll get a blueberry or two afterwards!)

Delilah is the newest addition – a stray rabbit who lives life on her own terms, and will do anything for a bit of watermelon!