Dr Trystan-Jade Nicholas

Dr Trystan-Jade Nicholas

BSc, BVMS, MANZCVS (Emergency & Critical Care)
Senior Veterinarian

Dr Trystan-Jade Nicholas has always been fascinated with nature and how things work, spending much of her young childhood analysing insects under her toy microscope and interacting with the dogs, bunnies, fish, birds and hamsters that were family pets.

By high school, she knew Veterinary Medicine would provide everything she was looking for in a career both in terms of the medical and surgical aspects, as well as the opportunities to build relationships with people and their pets. She studied at Murdoch University and has also spent time volunteering both internationally and within Australia performing surgical sterilization to control stray dog populations.

Trystan particularly enjoys soft tissue surgery – in an emergency setting these procedures are often urgent and life-saving. She also has a passion for animal behaviour and is very active in trying to ensure her patients (and their families) have as stress-free an experience as possible, particularly when they are critically ill.

She loves being part of a team that truly cares about saving lives and supporting families through some really stressful or traumatic moments, and outside of work chooses to spend her free time playing tennis, spending time by the ocean, or camping.

She shares her life with Ivy the Miniature Dachshund, and loves to think that Ivy’s favourite activity is cuddling with her when in reality it is likely Doggy Day Care where she plays with her friends, rips up cardboard boxes and chases bubbles all day long!