Perth Vet Emergency Client Care Specialist, Amy Firth

Amy Firth

Client Care Specialist

Amy Firth was born to be a vet, and it is clear to anyone who sees a much-loved family photo of Amy. About eight years old, Amy can be seen playing ‘vet’ with her soft animal toys with a stethoscope around her neck, and a thermometer and other medical tools in hand. Having always loved the idea of treating and being the voice for animals while helping to educate people on animal wellbeing it is no surprise Amy is currently studying vet medicine.

Amys says emergency medicine has intrigued her for quite some time for its sporadic keep-you-on-your-toes nature as well as the many learning opportunities from the range of cases animal hospitals see. Amy joined the Perth Vet Emergency Team to gain experience in the veterinary industry while she completes her studies. And since being a Client Care Specialist she says she’s been able to learn so much more about emergency medicine.

For Amy, there have been so many memorable patients and cases she has seen since she has been with us. But Flynn, a chocolate and white Border Collie, holds a special place in her heart. Flynn was rushed to us when a stake/fence post deeply pierced her abdomen. She has since recovered well and is back on her farm. “She was such a sweet dog and the owners were so lovely. They’ve actually sent me updates and photos on how she has been going”, Amy says.

When not at work (or studying!) Amy Firth can be found at the beach with her partner and her Border Collie Flo playing fetch and frolicking in the waves. Amy also loves the great outdoors, going for hikes, or just watching a beautiful sunset. She also spends time catching up with friends, and is a regular gym-goer.