If you want to learn emergency medicine and critical care, and kick start your career, come to AES for three years. In three years you will master client communication, emergency medicine, and develop sound business principles to set you up in any career path you choose.


A three-year mentored training program takes you from an introductory level to experienced ER veterinarian. This leads in to a membership preparation course with the aim of achieving membership by 4 years post-graduation.

You will be mentored (and trained) by some of the most effective emergency and critical care vets in the country. Help with difficult cases is always available through rostered senior vets, and consultants.

Training in consultation skills, business principles, and professional conduct will set you up as an effective communicator and team player. This will enable you to enjoy solving problems and set you up for a rewarding consulting career in any discipline of veterinary medicine.

You will receive award-based pay while completing the 3-month AES accelerate program after which remuneration is performance based. Minimum salary in first year out is $60k, 2nd year $80K, 3rd year $100k. There is potential for veterinarians have the potential to earn 20% more on top of the guaranteed remuneration package.