Our State-of-the-Art Facilities


Our facility has modern computerized Digital Xray machines which allow highest quality diagnostic radiographs. The use of digital equipment allows fast interpretation and easily allows second opinions from more senior clinicians offsite. Digital copies of radiographs are available at discharge from hospital.


We have well equipped surgical suites with comprehensive anaesthesia, resuscitation aids and multi-parameter monitoring in suite. We maintain a staff capable of performing all of the frequently encountered emergency surgeries. We can organize specialist surgeons out of hours when needed.


Aids with imaging of abdomen, chest and all soft tissues. Our practice keeps machines up to date and most importantly all our staff keep their skills up to date with regular continuing education workshops. We currently use the Esoate mylab 70 machine which provides imaging power of the highest quality for all emergency needs.

Blood Bank

We maintain standing stocks of dog blood and blood products and have cat donors available. Blood products can be difficult to source but are vital for treating many conditions. For these reasons our blood bank is exclusively for inpatient use.

Laboratory Medicine

A wide range of blood tests are available onsite, providing emergency diagnostics when required. We can also access outside laboratories if more extensive testing is necessary. We ensure appropriate investigations are available around the clock.


We maintain stocks of the main antivenes required in South East Queensland. Tick antivenene and polyvalent snake antivenom are available at all times.

Intensive Care

We have a separate ICU department with its own workspace and dedicated staff. We make sure there is always a high staff to patient care ratio in the ICU. By constantly training our people and maintaining our equipment we ensure that our ICU care is second to none. Critically ill patients can be referred to us for advanced life support, mechanical ventilation and high dependency monitoring when those services are not available around the clock at your regular practice. Our senior practitioners have a special interest in the intensive care of tick paralysis and snake envenomation cases.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is pumped to all clinical areas of the hospital meaning we are ready for emergencies when they present.

Our equipment also includes state-of-the-art mechanical ventilators for patients who need supportive breathing while admitted in pet intensive care. The patients require continuous monitoring by highly trained veterinarians and nurses.


Endoscopes are available for gastrointestinal foreign body retrieval and other emergency diagnostics.