Having a love for the rehabilitation of wild animals and fostering kittens, Dani worked for five years in the husbandry side of the veterinary industry; but always wanted to take her knowledge to the next level in order to further support the animals she loved treating. Knowing that gaining medical knowledge was her next step, Dani pursued her career ambitions with further study and became a Nurse at Perth Vet Emergency.

When talking of the most memorable case Dani has seen so far since joining the team, her mind springs to a case where a dog presented to emergency in a collapsed state; with the family not knowing any history or background about why the dog may be in such a bad condition. Springing into quick action, Dani was able to assist Senior Vet, Dr Jared, in some simple diagnostics work, including ultrasound imaging on the poor pooches’ gall bladder. Making a quick diagnosis of a bee sting causing the animal to present in an anaphylaxis state was so important in the case. “I remember thinking, this is what they talk about when they say animals will collapse from anaphylaxis – I mean, we’ve seen similar cases before through the hospital, but never one this bad,” Dani recalls.

“I always think about that case, because it was crucial for us to have acted quickly in using ultrasound as a tool to find out what was wrong with the patient. It’s really great to be working with such a talented team of Vets and Nurses who truly make a difference in animals’ lives.”

Dani’s favourite part of working in the veterinary industry is the feeling she gets from being able to reunite the sickest of animals with their owners. “Seeing a pet come into our clinic with life-threatening illnesses and injuries in such a poor state and being able to help turn around that animals’ life in a matter of hours and send them out the door with their families – it’s pretty incredible. It’s an amazing feeling; those cases are what we do it for, to save lives.”

Dani enjoys the relationships she’s built with her team at Perth Vet Emergency, where she can always count on support from her teammates – “Everyone knows their skills and strengths and knows when to jump on in and help with a patient.” Dani is focused on continuing to build her skills and learn from the team around her at PVE, and is enjoying her chosen career path – particularly in the emergency arena. Wildlife and exotic animals will always be Dani’s passion, which she continues to take on as a hobby outside of life at PVE.