“Incredible things happen TO you and AROUND you when you work with animals and people, illness, emotion, and drama each day! It’s exhilarating, heartwarming, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, thought-provoking and sometimes pure joy in witnessing the compassion and love.”

Take an intriguing look behind the scenes of the skilled veterinarian, passionate animal advocate, loving fur-mum, blogger and our resident jokester Dr Rebekah Outred.

Destiny = Vet Med

Despite dreaming of vet life from day dot, creating vet clinics with barbie doll doctors and pet guinea pig patients as a child, later on in high school Bek doubted her abilities for a veterinary career. As a stepping stone Bek instead debated bio-medical science, but after a supportive Year 11 biology teacher backed her competency, it gave her all the encouragement needed to follow her vet dreams.

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Bek Outred: Dogtor MD

Why Emergency?

“With a wide range of cases, there are more opportunities for learning and growth…”

The bubbly young vet first started out working in emergency for two years before moving to general practice. It was then that Bek realised she craved the challenge of working in emergency and critical care and made the move to us at Perth Vet Emergency where she’s worked for the past year.

Bek knows full well it takes a certain type to work as an emergency vet. This often difficult but rewarding career path is not for everyone but for night-shift loving Bek, it is just the type of challenge she thrives on. Motivated by a healthy desire to push herself, Bek finds opportunities in having to work out diagnostics and cases under pressure.

The Best Part of Working for PVE?

“The free food…”

Aside from the delicious edible perks, Bek absolutely loves the team, having formed strong friendships with the other nurses, vets, client care specialists (and animals) over the past year. Continuing education is another added bonus for this ambitious vet, with Bek being supported by our team in this area.

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Favourite Type of Case?

Unsurprisingly this keen dogtor doesn’t mind diving in and getting her hands dirty. Bek enjoys working with surgery and cesareans the most, or foreign body ingestion and Hemoabdomen cases.

Funniest Moment on Shift?

“New Year’s Eve I was performing an ultrasound with a dog with an intern when the dog sharted everywhere at the stroke of midnight… diarrhea all over us. This is our new year, Happy New Year!” – Bek laughs.

“Also, last night wasn’t very busy so I did the worm, and hit my chin on the floor so hard”

Inspiring Others Via Her Blog

There is no doubt of Bek’s infectious sense of humour, something she now shares with the digital world via her blog – you can find her on Instagram. Her blog shares a humourous vet’s eye view, to inspire and encourage others to share their experiences, stories and vet dreams (as well as a platform to share Bek’s pup Hermione’s obligate-selfie-with-mum face). Although entertaining, there is a more serious and educational force behind the posts, however.

“I would have benefited from peering into the day to day life of a real vet. It’s NOT all puppies and straightforward health checks and smiles (and enforcing bed rest on guinea pigs)…

I want to help people (whether tiny people or the adult versions and everyone in-between) to see if being a vet is right for them, and if it is – then to inspire them on their journey.”

Hardest Part of Being an Emergency Vet?

“When you’re left with few options on how to treat an animal or an older person’s pet has to be euthanised”

Additionally, not being able to perform necessary treatment because of financial restrictions, and losing animals unexpectedly can be gut-wretching, Bek notes.

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Advice for Budding Emergency Vets?

“It takes a certain type of person. They need to know the reality… It’s not all cute puppies… And if there are puppies, they’re pooing on you!”

As well as possessing a high level of emotional strength to help owners make difficult decisions, Bek also recommends students get work experience.

“Bottom line though, if you like animals and problem-solving… then it’s for you”


Outside Vet Life?

Bek is a firm believer in keeping fit and taking care of health being especially important for vets, along with having another outlet separate to work life. She keeps physically fit and strong through dance and pilates, while unwinding with her feline fur baby, or three dogs at pet-friendly cafes over puppycinos, taking “W’s” (codeword for walks) along the beautiful Guildford river, and staying social with friends.

What Should Potential Clients Know?

“I’m 100% there for their pet and them. I love my animals so much and every recommendation and treatment plan comes from a place of knowing that love and caring.”

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