Possum: Your Pet Ate What?!

Estimated Reading Time: 1 min | Last Updated: October 1st, 2019

If Perth Vet Emergency were a TV show, it would no doubt be called “Your Pet Ate WHAT..?!”

Continuing with our common theme of ‘pets eat the craziest things’, gorgeous tortoiseshell Possum landed herself a starring role as ‘patient’ after chowing down on… a couple of hair ties. Mmm, chewy!

Vomiting, weakness, a painful hard abdomen, and dehydration followed. A common and predictable storyline following foreign body ingestion.

Plot twist, Possum’s sibling, aka partner in crime and co-star in this surprising and suspenseful drama, had already visited their regular vet earlier in the day for vomiting up a few hair bands. Foreign body ingestion was immediately suspected with Possum.

Fluids and pain relief were administered, then ultrasound and tests were performed which confirmed the diagnosis, before surgical removal by Dr Brooke where 10 hair ties were removed! Abdominal surgery often comes with complications therefore intensive post-operative care is crucial afterward to monitor progress. Thankfully Possum’s stomach tissue was still healthy and she recovered slowly but smoothly from the procedure.

Possum and her co-star have since taken on a less dramatic role. Rated more of a snooze-fest.

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