Plants Safe For Dogs And Cats (an A-Z guide)

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While there are many plants and flowers poisonouss to our cats and dogs, there are also a number of others that aren’t. If you’re a plant lover with a curious pet, you can still create a lovely garden with a range of plants safe for dogs and cats. We’ve compiled a list of flowers and plants safe for dogs and cats to get you started.

A-Z of flowers and plants safe for dogs and cats

Below we’ve listed a number of plants safe for dogs and cats. If your fur baby happens to eat them they are harmless. Worst case, if they do ingest a large enough quantity they may experience some milld diarrhoea and vomiting.

And if you’re thinking of bringing some plants safe for dogs and cats inside, it’s best to use a sturdy pot so curious paws can’t tip them over.


African Daisy
White and purple African daisies in a garden are plants safe for dogsThe colourful, dog-friendly African daisy with its vibrant hues is a fantastic way to brighten up your garden.
African Violet
Pink and purple African violets in potsThis low-maintenance plant comes in a variety of colours, including purple, blue, pink, and white. It will add brightness to any indoor space.
Air Plants
Air plants are plants safe for dogs and catsAir plants are so low-maintenance they don’t even need soil to grow! They’re also safe for both dogs and cats.
Areca Palm
Tall areca palm in white pot inside a houseWith this plant, also known as the butterfly palm, you can give any room in your house a tropical vibe. It’s safe for cats and dogs, and all it takes is a sunny space to flourish.


Bamboo Palm
Bamboo palm in white potWhile it’s not a true bamboo, it is one of the safest types of palms for our pets.
Basil in terracotta pot, all varieties are plants safe for dogs and catsWhy not create your own herb garden? There are a number of varieties of basil to chose from.
Bird's Nest Fern
Close up of a bird's nest fern which are plants safe for dogsOne of the best plants safe for dogs, it’s also an excellent indoor plant due to its tolerance to low light.
Close up of red bromedliads which are plants safe for dogs and catsExotic, unique plants with bright colours, bromeliads will add vibrancy to any garden.


Cast Iron Plant
Cast iron plant in a terracotta potIt’s a fantastic choice for novices or individuals who don’t have a green thumb, as the cast iron plant is both hardy and low-maintenance.


Pale pink orchids in purple pot are plants safe for dogs and catsThe orchid is one of the plant kingdom’s true splendours, and it’s also dog friendly.


Parlour Palm
Parlour palm in black pot are plants safe for dogs and catsThe parlour palm, which is safe for dogs, will provide a tropical vibe to your yard. It’s also an excellent indoor plant since it purifies the air.
Ponytail Palm
Large ponytail palm in black pot are plants safe for dogs and catsWho can resist stroking the long leaves of a ponytail palm, certainly no house cat! These non-toxic plants are fantastic to add greenery to any room.
Prayer Plant
Close up of a potted prayer plantThe prayer plant, with its oval leaves and distinctive pattern, is a great choice if you’re searching for an indoor plant to purify the air.


Bunch of rosemary on wooden planksRosemary is a lovely addition to your garden. This fragrant herb, which is one to add to your list of plants safe for dogs and cats, enjoys being in the sun.


Spider Plant
Close up of a potted spider plantSafe for both cats and dogs, the spider plant has the ability to remove poisonous gases like formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the air.


Zebra Cactus Plant
Close up of a zebra cactus plantThe zebra cactus plant, with its distinctive zebra-like striped pattern, is a must-have if you love succulents. It’s also one of the plants safe for dogs.

If you think your pet has eaten flowers or plants toxic to dogs or cats, contact your local veterinarian or Perth Vet Emergency right away. For more information about what is toxic to pets, visit our Pets and Poisons Guide.

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