Meet Kennedy the brave Greyhound

Estimated Reading Time: 1 min | Last Updated: February 28th, 2019

Kennedy is a 3-year-old Greyhound who recently joined the PVE Canine Blood Donor Program. Our team contacted Kennedy over the Christmas period to provide some urgently needed blood, and thankfully his lovely owner Paula was able to bring him down straight away. He was really calm and brave during his first donation and he got a little chicken snack for being such a good boy. We cannot thank him enough for helping to save the lives of pets in need in the Perth region. Just like in humans, every donation is critical and we couldn’t thank our volunteers enough.

Kennedy joined Paula’s family last year and has settled into his new home well. He has hobbies of sleeping, playing with his stuffed toys, playing fetch, and chasing water from the hose (which can make watering the garden a challenge!). The funniest thing about the spritely Greyhound is that every so often he has a rapid burst of energy and will sprint around the yard, afterwards settling quickly back to his gentle docile self again. His favourite food yoghurt – he can hear Paula open the container from the other room and immediately bounds in for a lick or two!

If you and your pooch are interested in joining the PVE Canine Blood Donor Program, there is specific criteria your dog must meet:

  • In good health
  • Greater than 2 years old
  • Above 25kg in weight
  • Have a calm temperament.

We can never have enough volunteers to help us save the lives of the pets in need. If you would like some more information, contact our clinic: 1300 040 400.

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