Easter Dangers For Pets

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It’s Easter time and you’re probably ready to hunt for pastel-coloured eggs, and taking the kids on an egg-finding, chocolate smeared adventure, but did you know there are many Easter Dangers for pets? Before you send off your pint-sized adventurers with their baskets full of goodies, did you know their could be potential dangers lurking in those baskets?

We all know how curious pets can be when it comes to discovering new things in potential hiding spots! We’ve pulled together the top Easter dangers for our pets, so as you can keep them safe and out of trouble.

Our top Easter dangers for pets

Here are our top dangers to be on the lookout for at Easter.


While us humans love to indulge in chocolate treats, our pets are at risk should they ingest these yummy delights. The ingredients theobromine and caffeine present in chocolate can be fatal for dogs. It can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, increased heart rate and tremors. Chocolate should not be given to pets under any circumstance (not even when those little eyes look up to you and plead!).

If you find your pup has been a little naughty and has found your stash of choccy eggs, make sure you take them to your vet or closest emergency vet as soon as possible. To find out more about the danger of chocolate to our pets, visit our chocolate toxicity blog.

Chocolate Easter eggs in gold foil

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns may be a beloved Easter treat, but you’d better watch out – they can pose a hidden danger! While they can be irresistible for our four-legged friends, the sultanas and raisins found in them can be toxic for dogs. If ingested it can lead to painful renal failure. It’s best to keep these goodies far away from tempted paws during the Easter season – in order to avoid a trip to the emergency vet!

If you find the last hot cross bun as gone missing, and realise it was your canine companion responsible for the theft, make sure you visit your vet or an emergency vet as soon as possible.

For other foods that are dangerous for our pets, visit our A-Z guide of toxic food for pets blog.

Four hot cross buns

Easter toys

Toys are another potential hazards for pets during Easter celebrations. Items such as plastic eggs and chickens, and even bunny ears may appear harmless (and fun!) to us but could easily look like treats to a dog. It is important to keep these decorations away from pets as chewing on them could lead to ingestion of small parts or other toxic substances used in their production. And if swallowed, these items could cause a blockage in their digestive system which can lead to serious complications.

A group of Easter toys, including plastic eggs, chickens and butterflies

The best way to keep our four-legged companions safe during Easter is by being mindful about what we give them as treats and ensuring any decorations are kept out of reach of curious paws. Enjoy the Easter festivities, and if you need us we’ll be open 24 hours throughout the long weekend.

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