Cats Wanted For the PVE Blood Donor Program

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Your cat can save patient’s lives

Many diseases and traumas can result in life-threatening anaemia (low red blood cell number). When this occurs, veterinarians need blood donations from pets registered on the PVE Blood Donor Program. 

Unlike human and dog blood, cat blood cannot be stored for future use. As a result, Perth Vet Emergency keeps a database of cat donors ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Feline donations are fortunately infrequent and your cat can be part of a pool of heroes who may be called on to save a life. The donation process is slightly more involved than a human or dog donation and careful consideration of this is required before your feline baby is added to the PVE Blood Donor Program.

Your veterinarian can guide your decision to volunteer your feline based on strict requirements. If he or she matches the criteria, blood tests will be run to ensure they are fit and healthy for the job!

What happens during a blood donation?

  • If a life-saving donation is required, a PVE staff member will call to ask if your pet is available to attend our clinic in Yokine. We will give you a time frame in which the visit is required and you are not compelled to attend unless you are able too.
  • The procedure can take several hours and we ask that you drop off your cat in our care for a few hours.
  • Your cat will receive light sedation. An IV catheter will be placed in a front leg or the neck. The donation process is as smooth and quick as possible ensuring your pet is not stressed at any time. A very specific percentage of blood is taken based on your cat’s body weight.
  • Following the donation, your cat will have a soft and cozy place to rest with plenty of cuddles from our emergency team in gratitude for their selfless donation. Once they’re recovered, out come all the delicious snacks for doing a great job saving a life! While this is happening, the blood your cat has donated will be administered to the critical patient immediately.

What is the registration process?

  • Email Perth Vet Emergency via [email protected] stating you would like to volunteer your pet to be a blood donor. The information you will need to provide in your email includes:
    • Your name, suburb and phone number
    • Your pet’s name and breed
    • Your pet’s age and sex
    • Desexed or not desexed
    • Your pet’s Veterinary Clinic
  • A representative from Perth Vet Emergency will contact you for further information and to arrange for a free blood test to ensure your pet is suitable for registration. They will also be able to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns you may have.
  • If all the criteria is met, your details will be added to the PVE Blood Donor database.



Bear Cat is a gorgeous boy who is a member of the PVE Blood Donor Program.

He is an indoor cat who is very spoilt and in fine form. Along with his human mum, he is always on standby to help critical patients who need lifesaving blood donations at a moment’s notice. He has saved 3 lives in the last 2 years!

Bear Cat come for the hero status and stays for the snacks! The adoring cuddles from the veterinarians and nurses are an added bonus. 

Are you and your cat ready to help?


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