Stray Cat Reunited With Owner

Estimated Reading Time: 1 min | Last Updated: June 26th, 2018

Microchips help us get pets home

Leon is one very lucky little kitty. He was found wondering along a road and picked up by a wonderful Good Samaritan who handed him in to Perth Vet Emergency. He received a veterinary check which presented injuries that had us suspecting he had been hit by a car.

As per our protocols, we scan all animals for microchips as soon as they present. We were so happy this handsome fellow had a microchip and his details were up-to-date! We learnt his name was Leon and we were able to contact his human straight away.

Leon had some pelvic fractures and was treated with pain relief and x-rays were taken (with his owner’s permission) before he was referred to his regular vet for further treatment.

This gorgeous feline has had strict bed rest and has recovered beautifully. We’re hoping he’s learnt some road rules since this incident and is now an indoor cat to avoid the need to visit us again – though we’ll always welcome him with open arms because he gives fantastic cuddles.




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