Internship positions available at PVE


Do you want to kick start your career and learn in a supportive and encouraging environment? Do you want a career change and to see what all the fuss is in the Emergency world? Or are you just looking for a team with an incredible culture, atmosphere and dedication to provide the best care possible?

If so then you should come and see what there is on offer at Perth Vet Emergency!

We are looking for dedicated professionals who want to learn emergency medicine and surgery, as part of a team where clinical standards mean everything, and learning never stops. PVE is currently offering two internship positions for new or recent graduates as well as employment opportunities for those more established in their careers who would like to develop their skills and knowledge.


We have a dedicated senior vet team for clinical support on and off the floor 24h a day, with all the equipment and resources needed to support best practice medicine and ongoing professional development.

Although clinical standards mean everything to us, we recognise that everyone needs time off. Gym membership, social functions, and conference leave are all important facets of life at PVE. We are looking for vets who want to join our ‘team’ because a position at PVE is more than just a job!

Continuing Education

PVE has a dedicated training program known as “Accelerate” which is your introduction to emergency practice. 12 modules integral to emergency practice are covered during your initial 12 weeks with PVE. During this time, you are ‘buddied up’ with an experienced veterinarian and work through cases and consultations together. This is the Licence to practice!

The Veterinary Development Program is your next challenge on the road to being a seasoned Emergency Vet. This course covers the same 12 modules but in much greater depth over a 12-month period in order to develop your skills in consultation, emergency medicine, surgery and critical care.

After your first 18 months with us you will have the skills to handle any emergency and any case in the ICU with the support of your colleagues never far away. At the conclusion of 3 years at PVE an emergency veterinarian should be ready to pass the membership exam and further training and support is available for this endeavour.

Our team and our focus on continual development are the life-blood of PVE and we would love to be part of your career journey. Emergency vet work isn’t the career for everyone, but three years with us will set you up for wherever you want to go. Please contact Dr Jared Addison for more information, to visit the practice, or to speak with any of the PVE vets about their experiences.