Thank you messages received by Perth Vet Emergency

Winnie has been on her medication since picking her up from PVE and has been seizure free. She’s almost back to her normal self and is tolerating her medication very well. As all her blood tests results are negative the next step is a consultation with a specialist.

We are so happy we took Winnie to PVE. She received immediate care and we felt very comfortable that she was being looked after well. After 3 days of being told to take Winnie home and monitor her it was a relief to find someone who felt the same urgency for her wellbeing. I believe such quick action saved her from further suffering and maybe death. We are very grateful.

I was also surprised that the cost was very reasonable for the care provided. We had spent the same amount for Winnie to stay at her regular vets for a day for blood tests and monitoring and that did not include any IV medications.

That night was a bit of blur so I can’t comment on specifics but I do know we were very relived to have found you guys. The vet that took care of Winnie was very informative, caring and thorough.

The only downside is we can’t continue with Winnie’s ongoing care there.

Paula (December, 2016)

Beccy visited PVE after having blood in her urine. She also had a high temperature and a very tender tummy and she required investigations to discover the cause.

As soon as we arrived we were met by one of the nurses who talked to us about Beccy’s admission history. Shortly after this she was seen by a lovely vet, Carol who was very professional and explained what would happen to Beccy during her stay and roughly how long she would have to stay in.

Our little Girl is very special to us and of course we were very worried. Carol was very understanding and caring. I felt safe leaving Beccy in her care. Beccy stayed at PVE for 4 hours. She was diagnosed with a nasty urinary tract infection and is now on a long course of antibiotics. She is back to her happy self thankfully. Since her discharge we have had a follow up call from PVE to check on her progress. They have all been wonderful.

Meg & Allen (July, 2016)

Thank you for doing your utmost for my best mate.

Jason (April, 2016)





Our experience with PVE was, most unusual. 

We never experience such friendliness, helpfulness and professional service anywhere. Not even at a restaurant or Bunnings. 

From a friendly and welcoming receptionist to the the most professional manner of the vets. Not excluding every other member of staff. 

The irony of our visit was that for a place of anxiety there was a projection of happiness, calm and patience.  

Now if it were a hotel, I’d rate it and come back again. However, our visit was to heal our baby and keep the reaper at bay. 

I did lose a bit of weight, and caught a glimpse of the reaper in my peripheral when digesting the bill, but our baby pulled through and is on the mend. 

So I would say PVE was fantastic and exceeded any expectations. Thank you

Bradley (November, 2016)

Thanks for the follow up email, I really appreciate it and it’s nice to know that the care from PVE extends outside the clinic. Otis is definitely on the mend. We’ve been more vigilant at keeping him indoors all this week, much to his dismay but we really don’t want the wound to get dirty or infected. He’s completed his course of antibiotics so he’ll be out and about in no time! 

Our visit on Sunday was relatively painless and quick. Sue and our vet, Dr Stephanie, were both very considerate and caring towards Otis, my partner and I. The vet was quite sensitive to how scared Otis was and was able to perform the procedure inside the consultation room with us as opposed to out the back where there was a barking dog. That was very thoughtful.

I really appreciated the information you gave me – the first aid book and getting advice from the vet – as I’m sure it’ll make it less stressful if Otis hurts himself again which hopefully won’t be any time soon. I was really pleased with the service at PVE and would recommend the clinic to other pet owners. Thank you for the ongoing assistance. We love our cats so much and it really is comforting to know that you care as well.

Danielle (October, 2016)

Wickett has woken up bright and bubbly today and is almost back to his full bouncy self .

Our experience was the best that it could have been for the situation that was at hand. The vets and vet nurses were warm kind and informative and treated Wickett so nicely that when we had to leave him there, we knew he was in the best place to receive the care that he needed. Front desk was wonderful lovely warm lady, who was kept busy and still had time to make us feel reassured Wickett was in good hands and made us relax a little.

My partner and I  genuinely cannot thank the staff enough for everything they did and for taking such amazing care of my furry friend Wickett, and I have told everyone who I have spoken to since the same.

Thank you so much for your expertise, kindness and your care.

Marian (October, 2016)